Abandon: Greg and Rob

Photo of Abandon: Greg and Rob
Photo of Abandon: Greg and Rob

Butt-play is what it's all about in this hot sling scene featuring Greg Mitchell and Rob Thomas. They kiss and suck before Greg opens Rob up with some good old fashioned fucking in a sling. That's only a warm-up, though, because Greg has bigger plans starting with a big long dildo that Rob takes deep. Then Greg brings out some balls on a rope. One by one they go in and one by one they stretch his hole as they come out. Now he's good and ready and Greg works his lubed, gloved hand deep inside and feels him. Rob is loose and juicy now and Greg gets his big uncut cock back inside and fucks, fucks, fucks until he blows a nice big load.

Categories: 1 on 1, Leather, Muscle, Older/Older
Details: Nov 19, 2009 31 min
Photo of Greg Mitchell
Greg Mitchell
Photo of Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas

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