Sundance and Brent

Photo of Sundance and Brent
Photo of Sundance and Brent
Eclypto Big Bear Sundance is hot as hell and really pounds this guy good. Best part is when Brent is getting it from behind on all fours. He's like jello taking that nice thick cock up his ass. Pretty good cum shot, too. Rewound a couple times. Sep 9, 2022

We've all done it. Or we've wanted to do it. You know, take out your phone and film that hot horny dude sucking on your cock. Then film your hard cock as it slides in and out of his hole. Come on. You know you have. Well, Sundance does that and more when he gets naked with horny bottom bear Brent in this hot scene.

Categories: 1 on 1, Bears, Web Exclusive
Details: Feb 7, 2013 25 min
Photo of Brent Cage
Brent Cage
Photo of Sundance Radcliffe
Sundance Radcliffe

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