Suited For Sex

Photo of Suited For Sex
Photo of Suited For Sex
yankeesfan710 Brent is literally my favorite model. Sucks I can only find he has done two films. Gladly I have both of them. I always come back to this one at 9min30sec when brents helplessness invitation to his beautiful asshole. Mmmm Nov 30, 2020
yankeesfan710 Brent has the most delicious pale weak ass wrapping perfectly around the cock. Even better in the jay taylor n brent v scene in the same which wasn't named to Brent's credit. Sep 11, 2020
gioblack83 Mmmmmmm i want fuck with Brent and taylor Jul 17, 2017

When sexy suit-daddies Jaren Taylor and Brent V need a break from their work day, they lock the office door, close the blinds and have themselves a good ol' time. Suit-daddies work hard and when it's time to fuck, they know how to get down to business. That's what happens now with Brent and Jaren in the conclusion of Suited for Sex. It's another hot scene from our movie, Suited for Sex, available at our web store now!

Categories: 1 on 1, Older/Older
Details: Jan 14, 2008 16 min
Photo of Brent V
Brent V
Photo of Jaren Taylor
Jaren Taylor

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