Osiris Blade Breeds Daddy Jake Marshall

Photo of Osiris Blade Breeds Daddy Jake Marshall
Photo of Osiris Blade Breeds Daddy Jake Marshall
yankeesfan710 Jake's weak pale white ass holds up perfectly fine and he's just so beautiful generally speaking Sep 3, 2019
dulcie69 everything is incredibly BEAUTIFUL. THE CONTACT of BOTH GENITALIA in the FUCKING SCENE / SHOT... Feb 18, 2019
MOQ5015HOM Great scene. I would have loved to see Jake Marshall top Osiris. But Jake's looks so stunning with that head full of white hair. SO STUNNING!!! Oct 30, 2017
nickmoretti Hey wgs1305 this is Nick Moretti here. I'm the one who directed/filmed this scene for HOM. THANK YOU so much for your feed back and I'm really happy you liked it! You are so right about the models being into each other... it really comes across on film. Also, thanks for the thumbs up on my camera work. I try to capture the connection between the models, and the action, in real time, and make it feel like the viewer is really there with them. Look for more of my scenes here on HOM very soon! Nov 19, 2016
wgs1305 With the exception of the cliche massage set-up, for my money, this is one of the bests scenes HOM has ever featured. The guys are are just so hot , so different and obviously into each other. Lots of slow and steady fucking and the camera work is great....good long shots so you can actually see how their bodies move while they fuck. Bonus...very little bad sex talk, just hot breathing and lust grunts. Damn, this is good. Oct 23, 2016

Handsome silver daddy Jake Marshall and beautiful boy Osiris Blade find the perfect way to relax after everyone else has left the office. It starts with a shoulder rub and soon Jake has Osiris' huge black meat deep down his throat and all the way up into the sweet, wet reaches of his daddy hole. These men fuck. Jake blows first. He can't hold off with that 10.5 inch shaft all the way in him. Then Osiris blows and breeds. Fuck.

Categories: 1 on 1, Bareback, Big Dicks, Muscle, Older/Younger
Details: Oct 13, 2016 27 min
Photo of Jake Marshall
Jake Marshall
Photo of Osiris Blade
Osiris Blade

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