Bear Oasis: Rik and Clint

Photo of Bear Oasis: Rik and Clint
Photo of Bear Oasis: Rik and Clint
andrewmckm I absolutely want both Rik and Clint to give me a great fucking Dec 2, 2020

Clint is a man who takes charge and has the fat power-tool to do so. He orders Rik first to suck and then to show. Rik does as told, first sucking Clint’s cock and later showing his muscle butt. Clint likes to eat a meaty man-hole almost as much as he likes to fuck it so he works Rik’s hole to a glistening perfection. But it’s all in the service of getting his pole in the hole and he’s soon inside Rik making him beg for it. And beg for it, Rik does, first bent over a bench and later on his back. Clint fucks so hard and for so long that he almost blows his load while fucking Rik, but pulls out at the last minute to drop an enormous 5-day load on Rik’s dick and belly. Rik, too, shoots a huge load and the two lay breathless on the bench.

Categories: 1 on 1, Bears, Muscle, Older/Older
Details: Aug 15, 2006 23 min
Photo of Clint Taylor
Clint Taylor
Photo of Rik Kappus
Rik Kappus

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