Beautiful Brad Kalvo

Photo of Beautiful Brad Kalvo
Photo of Beautiful Brad Kalvo
dulcie69 this is one superbly well done video of male specimen ... the shots of the great body, the genitalia, the bubble butt, the hairy man-hole , the nipples etc well done but the most i love of Mr. Brad Kalvo is his thick dark PUBIC HAIR ! It make me so HORNY ! wish i could touch and feel the soft hair ! Jan 16, 2019

We could watch Brad Kalvo show off his ripped body, big dick and handsome mug all day long. We don't have a 24 hour video of him but he spends a long time showing you every hairy crevice of his body in this solo video.

Categories: Bears, Big Dicks, Muscle, Solo, Web Exclusive
Details: Aug 28, 2014 16 min
Photo of Brad Kalvo
Brad Kalvo

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