Jake Marshall and Alex Tikas

Photo of Jake Marshall and Alex Tikas
Photo of Jake Marshall and Alex Tikas
bearleeir8 Great scene! Especially when Alex Tikas gets verbal while he's getting fucked. I love flip flop fucking. I just wish ALL the flip flop scenes were labeled as such. May 13, 2021
Rob6766 Jake Marshall is a magnificent gentleman and Alex Tikhas is a real Greek god. Absolutely fantastic scene ! What a thrill to watch these two super hot REAL men fucking each other ! Dec 13, 2020
mediumpimpin Love that Jake Marshall!!!!! Dec 2, 2020

When hot silver Daddy Jake Marshall hooks up with hot muscle bear Alex Tikas, these two go at each other's cocks and holes in a reckless frenzy. Who wouldn't, with Jake's sexy silver dad vibe and Alex's huge, thick uncut cock dripping from the get go? Damn, we love these guys.

Categories: 1 on 1, Bareback, Bears, Big Dicks, Leather, Muscle, Older/Older, Uncut Meat
Details: Dec 1, 2020 28 min
Photo of Alex Tikas
Alex Tikas
Photo of Jake Marshall
Jake Marshall

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