Allen Silver and Scott Reynolds

Photo of Allen Silver and Scott Reynolds
Photo of Allen Silver and Scott Reynolds
FurLover269 I absolutely love these two in a scene together !! I would call in sick to work if my day started like that. I would enjoy playing with either of these hot guys or both of them at the same time. Feb 23, 2021
dulcie69 i'd love to get fucked by either of this guy. these 2guys surely love & enjoy man2man sex. i love flip-flop sex myself its a joy and thrill to get fucked and be fucked. Feb 4, 2019
Rob6766 These two men are incredibly handsome and hot. Amazing scene. One of the very best on HOM. Dec 10, 2017
jdaniel12 I am not rich, I don't have an expensive car, I don't live in a mansion, and I'm not all that handsome, but the one wish I had in life was to see Allen Silver do bareback! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! He is one HOT DADDY that haunted my fantasies and now he is in a bareback scene. YES, THANK YOU. Now I am a happy man! Nov 1, 2016
gcdawg124 Great scene! Two amazing daddies take turns fuckin' each other Oct 27, 2016
monkmate sexy i want both to fuck me Oct 21, 2016
mcabral favorite porn stars allen silver and scott reynolds
in love with them both
Oct 14, 2016
foofoo Am heels over head to finally see Allen Silver in a bareback scene. Thank you, Daddy. May 2, 2016

Allen Silver is back! One of our favorite and most popular daddies, Allen pairs up with one of our newer hot daddies Scott Reynolds in this passionate bareback scene. Allen and Scott wake up on a sunny day and suck each other hard before each taking turns on the other's hot hole. Did I mention that Allen Silver is back!

Categories: 1 on 1, Bareback, Older/Older
Details: Apr 21, 2016 22 min
Photo of Allen Silver
Allen Silver
Photo of Scott Reynolds
Scott Reynolds

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