Bear Oasis: Marc and Rik

Photo of Bear Oasis: Marc and Rik
Photo of Bear Oasis: Marc and Rik
ddonovan3001 Rik is so handsome. His scenes are so perfect...
I love the flip-flop.
Jun 25, 2021
dulcie69 Nice flip-flop ! awesome PAIR ! Jan 22, 2019

Our focus goes to Rik and Marc, lazing beside each other poolside when Marc reaches over and gently rubs Rik’s furry belly. The two sexy bears disappear from the pool to a soft, warm bed where they can rub each other even more. Marc takes charge by sliding down to Rik’s bulging trunks and sinking his mouth on Rik’s hard rod. Marc gives Rik a good old-fashioned fuck from behind to Rik’s delight. There’s nothing better than when two beefy, masculine men swap fucks and that’s what happens next.

Categories: 1 on 1, Bears, Muscle, Older/Older
Details: Jul 24, 2006 26 min
Photo of Marc Angelo
Marc Angelo
Photo of Rik Kappus
Rik Kappus

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