Bear Oasis: Dan and Rob

Photo of Bear Oasis: Dan and Rob
Photo of Bear Oasis: Dan and Rob
bedims Fuck! Great closeups of cocksucking. Both of these handsome studs know how to swallow cock and the close up shots are fucking hot. Great to watch and hear them enjoy while I pump my own hard dick. Great vid. Mar 13, 2022

Dan got his fill – three times – at the Bear Oasis and this time he wants to get on the other side and use his pole for some fucking. He gives Rob a hard pounding before grabbing onto Rob’s enormous cock and asking for it. Dan soon learns why there’s the old adage, “be careful what you wish for…” as Rob works all 10 inches deep inside Dan, whose moans border that delectable line between pleasure and pain. As Rob pounds him, Dan’s hard cock pours its seed all over his belly and Rob jumps up and feeds Dan a nice, big load of juice right into his mouth.

Categories: 1 on 1, Bears, Big Dicks, Muscle, Older/Younger, Uncut Meat
Details: Jul 16, 2006 31 min
Photo of Dan Rhodes
Dan Rhodes
Photo of Rob Lawrence
Rob Lawrence

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