Bears in Paradise: Bear Party

Photo of Bears in Paradise: Bear Party
Photo of Bears in Paradise: Bear Party

Still at the resort, four hot daddy bears Karl, Rusty, Hart and Dave are clothed but clearly not for long. They know and we know they're about to have some hot, outdoor fun. The first in the nearby sling is hungry bottom-bear Dave, who in quick succession takes Rusty, Hart and Karl's big dicks. He loves to get fucked and he proves it here. Karl, though, likes it both ways and he is next to jump in the sling for both Rusty and Hart. Then these hot guys pair off for a while, as Karl and Hart stay at the sling for some fun finger play (Karl likes Hart's fingers exploring his used hole) and Rusty gets back on and in Dave's hole on a nearby bench. All that fucking does its job and these four hot bears, one after the other, begin to produce nice, hot, mouth-watering loads. We're sure you'll produce a finger-licking load yourself as you watch these four masculine studs go at it

Categories: Bears, Group, Older/Older
Details: Jul 21, 2010 23 min
Photo of Dave Skavo
Dave Skavo
Photo of Hart Caldwell
Hart Caldwell
Photo of Karl Williams
Karl Williams
Photo of Rusty McMann
Rusty McMann

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