Muscle Daddies


Doing laundry is a thankless job, that is unless you've got sexy muscle daddy Jett Ryder doing it for you.  He might just take a sniff or two of your underwear and that will definitely get him going.  Soon he's on your washing machine stroking his long cock with his perfect fuckin' balls swinging between his legs.  You'll thank Jett for doing your laundry and adding his load to your clothes too.


Sexy daddy Scott Mann is now on HotOlderMale.   Scott can't wait to welcome you into his home for some all day hot play.  This handsome man has a hot body and thick dick ready to be sucked.  So cum in this hot daddy's home and you'll be blowing your sticking load all over Scott's smooth body.


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It's up up and away when Kent Burke gets his shot at taking a ride on hot Shay Michael's amazing big cock. Kent sucks on that big piece of meat for hours before they get to some serious fucking on the wings of a plane. That's the kind of friendly skies we all want to experience!

Police informant Jake Genesis is at the mercy of interrogator Hunter Marx, who has the buff bod bound to a giant hook. Hunter grabs hold of his captive's bulge and licks his pit, to the surprise of the prisoner.

Jake finally submits to the hairy hunk's kisses, their hands all over each other as the intensity mounts. Jake's pulsing cock is released, Hunter taking it deep in his mouth as he rubs Jake's nip. They kiss again, Hunter guiding Jake down.


Hot beefy pilot Shay Michaels is now HotOlderMale.  Shay is searching the skies for a sexy adventure. This muscle bear is looking for a daddy to suck on his thick man meat and fuck his big tight round ass. Give this beefy man a go and soon you'll be flying high.


Tough dad Dusty Wood is now on HotOlderMale.  Dusty likes it dirty and rough and will bend you over and fuck you hard and deep with his thick wood. This dad won't stop until he blows his sticky white load all over your ass. Check out Dusty fucking George Glass.


Muscle daddy Zak Powers is furry, tan and still sexy as hell.  It is easy to grow hard just thinking of Zak's strong hands on your body, grabbing your ass while he fucks you with his thick hard cock. Check out Zak on HotOlderMale.


Handsome daddy George Glass is now on HotOlderMale.  George has a thick beard with a nice warm smile that will make any man want to cuddle up with him.  But when this muscle daddy is turned on and his thick dick rock hard, George is determined to have some sweaty hardcore daddy action.


Silver daddy Jake Marshall is now on HotOlderMale.  Jake has it all, a handsome face, sexy silver hair, tight round ass and a big hard piece of man meat. You'll never want to stop fucking this hot muscle daddy. Check out the video of Jake Takes a Huge Cock.


Shane shows us a deserted stadium he loves to go to and workout his big body and, since it's deserted, it's the perfect place for him to whip out and stroke his huge black cock. Imaging being in that scary place all alone and get face to face with such a big cock, what would you do?? Suck it hard and bend over and take it, if you've got the balls.

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