Leather Daddies

Bears, Bars and Leathermen!  Steve Sommers can't get enough of these three things in any combo. 

He is one hot chap wearing Daddy.  And he has the marks to prove it.  His hard cock wants Leather Sex! You just have to wrestle him for top because his ass won't give it up for just anyone.


Frosty blue eyes and sweet smile might scream innocence, but this raunchy Leather Daddy likes it rough and kinky with multiple bottoms to service him.

Mitch Davis is looking A pig who likes to be humiliated and overbore by his "master". There is no command to be spared. He likes to slap, kick, curse out, spit upon....he likes to blow cigar smoke in his face, he likes to be tied up, ...the list goes on and on.

Steve Hurley, better known as Titpig, really knows just how to treat his boys. And when that boy is sexy Christian Mitchell you know it's gonna get nasty.

Christian is sucking on Steve's on Steve's tit and then his fat pipe, getting it good and wet for his hole.

The outdoor sling is all set up and Steve fucks his boy good and hard, just the way Christian likes it.


Hot leather daddy Steve "Titpig" Hurley is now on HotOlderMale. Steve loves to smoke on a pipe while he plays with his big hard nipples and fat cock. This horny daddy is ready to dominate you for some serious hardcore ass fucking.


Hot daddy Christian Mitchell is now on HotOlderMale.  Christian is begging a hardcore dad to take him from behind and give it to him hard.  This daddy likes it rough and tough. So give Christian what he wants and make him sweat in the California sun.


 It's Folsom Sunday in San Francisco, which means there will be lots of hardcore fucking going on in every not-so-dark corner of the City.  Here's a sample from Titan Men of the hot men and hot action that is going to be filling the streets all day today.  Damn, we love those leather daddies.


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