Big Dicks

Working up a sweat moving into Dirk Caber's new home, Dallas Steele wants to help his bud break the place in. "I've been watching that hardon all day!" smiles Dirk, who soon has a big Dallas dick in his mouth. Soon these two studs began a flip-flop fuck that christens the new house ready for plenty of fucking and loads to cum!


Rex Valentino is spicing up the action from top to bottom.

This versatile pup is looking for love in all the wrong places and he is enjoying every second of it!  Well Rex, Do Latino Lovers Last Longer? I guess we will have to find out.


Scotty Rage is giving back to back goodness and Steven Ponce is taking it like a bottom should.

There's nothing hotter than a bottom squealing for more cock. Especially, when these two hot studs fuck poolside.


The Miami heat can be un-bearable for Brock.

Thankfully, this bear knows how to cool down and take a load off. With eight inches of man meat, Brock knows exactly what it takes for you to blow your load.


 Nick Prescott rests on the couch, his head in the lap of muscular George Ce—who is quickly distracted from his book by Nick’s furry chest. Nick wakes from his slumber, rubbing George’s massive body. They kiss, Nick gripping George’s pec and planting his mouth on the hunk’s growing jean bulge. Nick soon opens wide to take in the thick rocket, George guiding the sucker’s head down with his hands.


As he surfaces from the pool, statuesque Tom Wolfe lifts his frame into the night as water drips from every muscle.   

Lounging on the poolside bed is jock Jay Bentley, quickly inching closer to kiss and suck the stud.

Tom's cock pulses when it is released from Jay's mouth; he whips it on the sucker's face, fucking it again as Jay gags ("Yeah, that's it," Tom whispers). Jay rubs his hand on the stud's stomach, Tom covering it with his own hand in a hot shot.


Aron Ridge is a sexy stud of many talent. He's a beautiful singer in the LA scene and has done just about everything in every position.

Tie him in leather or get down and dirty with some hot vanilla fucking.  Things can get twisted and that's just the way he likes it!



Bo Bangor is one hot tatted daddy ready to blow your mind. This tan buck wants to bang your ass until you scream with delight. Check out Bo showing off his tats, muscles and hard cock in his sexy photos. Look at the way he fills that jock. Bo is the kind of man that can landscape my hedges anytime. He’s definitely a backyard daddy.

Jason Proud has got a hot, hot bod and a cock that, well, let's just say it's the kind of cock you want to have in your face and then up your hole. A lot. It's that nice. Jason is a country boy who likes all kinds of guys and is a pretty much anything goes kind of man. That's the best kind.

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By the poolside... On a steaming day... Jason Proud is playing with his beautiful big dick. It grows and grows and needs to fill a hole. That's where sexy Brock Hart cums into the picture and gets that huge meat sliding up his hole, then gliding up his hole, then POUNDING up his hole. These two fuck with power until they pump out two huge loads. Now that's a FUCK!

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