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Bathroom sex can be hot. Really hot. Especially when a sexy daddy like Rex Silver is going into one and gives you that look. You know, the one that says I dare you to follow me.

Dominik follow's and gets a bathroom fuck that makes his big fat cock drip with cum. Where the hell is that bathroom?! I'm there!


Bottom-boy Dominik August has to wash his caris primed for his hot nude photo shoot.  He may act a little shy at first but he'll give it up eventually.

With some encouragement he might even take it all as well.  Don't let him fool you, Dominik is cute and eager to please.  Casting couch anyone?


Brad Kalvo is a hairy-chested, tight-assed, hard-cocked muscle daddy up for any adventure.  He's an anything goes top!

Brad is into kissing, pissing, ass-eating and a hardcore gang bang.  Who could resist all that Brad has to offer?


Clint Taylor is back! In this scene, he spies sexy bottom daddy Dean Burke riding his hog and he know's he's gonna be riding that hog soon.  It's not long before they're in Dean's garage and Clint is making Dean suck his fat bear meat and give up his juicy ass.

These two fuck every way possible on that Harley until they both shoot out hot loads.

Scott Mann is one of those sexy Daddies that loves to play in some of the kinkiest places.  He's creative with props and will make the best use of any toy he can find.

Just enough to get the juices flowing and he will make you beg to suck his cock.  Cum find him for some hot anonymous sex and blow your load all over Scott's smooth chest.


Josh Thomas is such a sexy little cub. We couldn't resist sharing more pics of Josh as he shows us the goods one more time. 


Clint is a dream bear... he's a rugged, masculine, sexy man and a very nice man too. He's versatile, has a great thick dick and a very hot furry ass.


Hot daddy Steve Lucas sees his boy shirtless sweating in the yard. Down cum Kidd's shorts, up comes Steve's cock and oh how the afternoon improves as these two hot dudes fuck and fuck the day away.


Sean Travis looks so good as he tugs on his firm piece of man meat.  And no one can resist those hard nipples.  He likes to give them a little pinch to get a sweet surge and start his cock party!

Don't let that innocent look fool you, sexy Sean is a daddy who loves to please and he definitely knows how to make hairy, muscle tops get rock hard for his horny hole.



Daddy Bear Steve Lucas' cock is one of those fat-headed monsters that would open up a hole each time it pulled out then pumped back in and pulled out again...

That's what he's fantasizing about in this hot solo scene and he tells us all about it while he strokes his beautiful meat.