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This Kidd has a hot little ass that just begs for big Daddy cock to tame it.  Kidd Manleigh is a rebel.  His wild side gets him into unbridled trouble.

He's raw, rough around the edges.  And that's just the tip of his iceberg.  He's young, sexy and sucks cock like no other.  Once he's on his knees and it's clear how eager he is to please.

As he surfaces from the pool, statuesque Tom Wolfe lifts his frame into the night as water drips from every muscle.   

Lounging on the poolside bed is jock Jay Bentley, quickly inching closer to kiss and suck the stud.

Tom's cock pulses when it is released from Jay's mouth; he whips it on the sucker's face, fucking it again as Jay gags ("Yeah, that's it," Tom whispers). Jay rubs his hand on the stud's stomach, Tom covering it with his own hand in a hot shot.


When daddy Dean Burke catches a glimpse of sexy cub Josh Thomas working in his back yard he knows he gotta get a closer look.

All it takes is for these two to get near each other before Josh is sucking on Dean's daddy cock and begging to get fucked hard and deep. It's an outdoor fuck that we all dream about.


Hot Daddy with a foot fetish!  Dean Burke like a sexy foot.

He wants to lick them, suck them to get his cubs hard before he fucks their ass hard and deep. What more can a man ask for?


Tank tops and power tools are a few of this hottie's favorite things. Josh Thomas likes it rough!

His tight ass begs to be pumped and filled with a hot load. And his handy stud gives as good as he gets. Josh wants a sexy Older Daddy to push him face first against his ladder and fucked in public for all to admire.  Maybe he can suck your tool while he's at it!


Beefy and built daddy Shay Michaels is hitching his way to Coachella but when big Black stud Aron Ridge catches a glimpse of Shay in his tiny tight shorts he decides to take Shay on a detour.

Soon Shay's sucking on Aron's huge piece of meat and taking it all the way up his beefy ass. Shay's walking funny after this fuck but he doesn't mind. His hole is stretched and feeling fine!


This sexy Silver Daddy is always down for a little backyard fun. Steve Lucas knows his way around the garden and has the muscles to prove it.

After a day of getting hot under the summer sun, Steve wants finds a man to help him work out the kinks. I know just where this handsome gardener can plant his stalk.


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It’s a Heat Wave in sunny Palm Springs and these hairy, hung daddies find every opportunity to get naked and their cocks in play. The heat does crazy things to these hot men and Pantheon catches them fucking in the most random places. Order on Pantheonmen now and save $10!

Another day in paradise for the sexy Shay Michaels. This muscle bear is looking for a daddy to suck on his thick man meat and fuck his big tight round ass.

Give this beefy hunk a go and have a taste of your own tropical getaway.