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Daddy Scotty Rage is on his own for dinner so he orders some takeout so he can eat and chill in his living room. But when sexy delivery boy Jeremy Stevens shows up at the door, the only thing Scotty wants to take out is his fat cock and give Jeremy a tip he'll never forget. It's a retro-themed day at HotOlderMale and we are loving it!


The mirror never lies. Ray Dalton is one of the hottest daddies we've seen in a long time. And the most hung. And with the sweetest ass, the sexiest tattoos, the hardest bod... Ray Dalton knows he's got it all going on, and he demands you get on your knees to service that fat cock of his - he deserves it!



When beefy tanned daddy Aiden Beck comes home from work, he can't wait to peel off his suit and relax naked. Stroking his impressive cock, he's dreaming of finding his perfect boy who can relax with him, the kind of boy who wouldn't mind being shared with a few of his daddy's friends for some raw fun times...




In "Welcome Home", Dirk Caber gets reunited with high school coach Dolan Wolf. Watch as these two hot muscle daddies flip-flop fuck the way we all wanted to with our high school coach.

When Ben and Rex get together, the only thing to do is fuck and fuck hard!

These two versatile men have only one thing on their mind. And that's, who can out fuck the other?


Rex Valentino is spicing up the action from top to bottom.

This versatile pup is looking for love in all the wrong places and he is enjoying every second of it!  Well Rex, Do Latino Lovers Last Longer? I guess we will have to find out.


Our man Jack is the kind of sexy, furry daddy who will drive you just a little crazy.

He knows it and he loves it. Oh, Jack. He's a truly versatile stud whose gaze can own you..


Meet Joe Boxer. This muscle man is packing more than your average Joe.

Don't worry boys, there is plenty of man meat to go around. Tops and Bottoms by the poolside because there is always an orgyat Joe's!