Biggest Dick West of the Mississippi... and East

When I first started talking with Rob Lawrence about being in our movies, I had just seen some "g" rated pics of him. I thought, "Wow, he's a sexy man. Great smile,  furry chest, nice body, masculine... what more could you want?" Then he sent me the dick pics and well... you can imagine my eager reaction. Rob has the single biggest dick I've ever seen, and I've seen quite a few in my time. I know we're supposed to say size doesn't matter, but a dick like his is a wonder to behold. Sorry to completely objectify you Rob. The best part is, Rob is one of the nicest, and sexiest men I know.

Rob was a little hesitant to do his first shoot with us. He had never done porn before and wasn't sure what the process would be, or what we would be like. He came to San Francisco to meet and talk with me, and next thing I knew he was naked in front of my cameras. Man I love my job. It was quite a turn on for me getting him on film for his first time. It was funny after doing the solo shoot, I realized with a dick as big as his, it just doesn't register in  a solo shoot. He's a big guy (6'1" and 190 lbs). You have to see someone trying to suck on his huge cock or see him fucking someone to really appreciate just how big it is.















A few months later, we got Rob to come back up to San Francisco to do his first scenes with other men. We cast him as the star of "Dad's Automotive" which I think is one of the best films we've ever produced. He did his first scene with Allen Silver, who is another Pantheon favorite. These two hot men had amazing chemistry. Not many men can take a dick like Rob's, but Allen managed with a smile on his handsome face and a rock hard dick the whole time. The two swapped sweaty fucks in the auto shop we were shooting in south of market.

Rob did two more hot scene in "Dad's Automotive": the first was a 3-way with Spike Daddy and Jack Sullivan. The second was another 3-way with Patrick O'Connor and Jack Austin. In both scenes, it's a real turn-on watching the bottom men (Jack Sullivan and Patrick O'Connor) eagerly struggling to take Rob's dick.

We've brought Rob back for "Bear Oasis"  and "Backwoods Bears" which just happen to be two more of our best-selling titles. I know it's more than Rob that makes them good movies, but he sure is great in every scene he's in. Stay tuned for more of Rob. We certainly want to capture more of this amazing stud-daddy on film.

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