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Daddy Ric is the complete package for anyone looking for a strong man.

This hot older male comes complete with Muscles, Tattoos and a Mustache. Oh Daddy! If that doesn't tickle your fancy, then his versatility is sure to please.


Having trouble getting your engine revved up? Good! Because, Scotty Rage and Victor West are the right men for the job.

These two will have your pistons lubed up, tuned up and revved up for a long hard ride for hours on end.


Troy Webb is a strong man looking for a muscle daddy to suck dry.

The bigger the better! Cum one, cum all because the line starts right in front of Troy's mouth. Oh Daddy!!!


There is one thing Victor West enjoys riding more than his chopper and it's a Hot Hard Cock.

Feel like a joyride? Let Victor get you revved up and ready to cum in less than 60.


Daddy bear Alessio Romero is so damn hot you will break a sweat just looking at his muscular hairy body.

When he stares at you with his intense dark eyes you won't be able to control bending over and giving up your ass to this god's thick man meat.  


Troy Webb and Mik Plars are getting together for the first time to flex more than their pecks.

Since both of these men enjoy a good pounding and a deep suck, this get together could make for a good "battle for the bottom". Winner takes all in the end!



Roman McCoy is more than just another big and strong maneater. He is a versatile fuck machine.

After lifting weights at the gym, Roman works his other muscles out by poolside.



Mik Plars is as versatile as you can get. Only he has a real hard-on for a gang bang with some husky bears.

Whatever you're into, Mik is your man. But, watch out because he is packing seven inches of hot cock for all you eager men.


What do you get when you mix a big dicked daddy with a cub? You get a HOT FUCK.

Russ Rodgers is no amateur and he is fucking Zeke until he submits. How does this happy story end? It ends with a cum shot.